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Our Products

Working with passionate and reputable producers, we bring quality organic and Earth-friendly products under one roof. justlife™ provides comprehensive one-stop organic shopping convenience for quality living. ­­­

At a glance:
Organic Fruits & Vegetables — Sourced strictly from reliable farmers and suppliers who produce crops with integrity. We work closely with our farmers, many of them are our close friends.

Organic Cooking Ingredients — Cooking oil, Japanese shoyu, pasta, balsamic vinegar, baking ingredients, herbs and spices… everything you need for quality meals.

Organic Wholefood Nutrition — Why Not? Premium quality wholefood supplements providing wholesome nutrition essential for maintaining good health.

Organic Infant Formula & Baby Food — Babynat /Why Not? encourages the practice of organic from infancy. No worries for traces of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormone, synthetic colourings or artificial preservatives.

Organic honey, organic herb & flower tea, dairy-free and gluten-free products.

Organic Cotton Wear & Buckwheat Pillow — Organic baby wear, T-shirt, towel, innerwear, bed sheet and natural pillow range.

Organic Skincare, LIVING NATURE. From one of the world’s most remote lands comes one of the world’s most natural skincare. Uncommonly natural beauty, made of New Zealand.

Female Sanitary Care, NATRACARE — A complete feminine hygiene range that are non-chlorine bleached and dioxin-free. No added perfume and other synthetic additives that cause skin irritation and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Eco-friendly Household Cleaner, B_E_E — A complete range of eco-friendly household cleaners, created for the environment, effective function and for the pleasure of users.

Organic Personal Care — Natural soap bar, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo. 

justlife™ Gift Box — Excellent gift idea for people you care and appreciate in life . Pick your choice of products at justlife™ and pack them in this eye-catching justlife™ orange gift box. Simple, handy and reusable.