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Organic Farms

All our foods begin from soil. It is important to ensure the health of our soil that nurture our body. Watch what it takes to keep our soil rich and to make our food fit. Join us for a farm visit.

justlife™ team make regular visits to organic farms for experience and inspiration. It is an essential part of justlife™staff training program.

Enderong Organic Farm

Written by Chew Yoong, Purchasing Manager

I had many first encounters with Enderong Farm, the first time I visited an organic farm with a picture perfect scenery, first time I touched a round brinjal and passion fruit…and best of all, the first time we commit to buy 100% of the produce of an organic farm (we only had one outlet in SS2 back then in year 2002)

Honestly it was hard for me to understand why did we commit to Enderong Farm. We had to give away a lot of vegetables and sometimes a lot go to waste. I am glad that justlife had made that “crazy” decision. Otherwise, we won’t be able to enjoy organic vegetables that is of such premium quality, due to its excellent environment and climate.

For the earth and for our future generations, we need to and we should do all we can to connect the organic farmers and the consumers. This is probably the most important thing that matters now…

More than just pesticide and chemical-free, vegetables from Enderong Farm are grown in natural fertile land surrounded by unpopulated highland forest in Tanarimba, Bukit Tinggi, using chlorine-free water from an unpolluted forest stream. What you are getting are the freshest organic vegetables just harvested and delivered straight from Enderong Organic Farm. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its freshness and natural taste.

GK Organic Farm

Written by Chew Yoong, Purchasing Manager

All visitors to Mr Gan’s organic farm will be told to walk around the farm bare footed. He believes that it is a show of respect for the earth and the best foot massage. That’s so right! I remembered “massaging” my feet on the sandy stones…it really hurts. You know what? We have not been grounded for too long and we have lost the feel of being connected with the earth.

Mr Gan is truely a grounded organic farmer and has been so for over 15 years. Whenever I talk about Mr Gan, there is this strong sense of respect for him, as he is one of the founding father for organic farming in Malaysia.

He said that, “Insects do not eat healthy plants, they only consume malnutritious vegetables and fruits. In fact, there is no pests, they are here to help us.”

Cameron Highland Organic Farm

Written by Chew Yoong, Purchasing Manager

What could be the driving force behind Mr Lee, who is not just an organic farmer but also willingly shared his know-how with conventional farmers?

Mr Lee shared that he did consider giving up many time before when time was hard. In his own words, “Cannot tahan already!” However, each time he delivered his produce to his customers, their encouraging words kept him moving on. His customers constantly remind him to keep planting organic produce so that they can continue eating his organic vegetables. “When customers say that, I got ohm again!”, said Mr Lee. “Can’t afford to wait anymore. We must do a lot of education and sharing. There weren’t any mosquitoes in Cameron before, but now I got bitten by mosquitoes a lot. The weather is also becoming abnormal, sometimes very cold, sometimes you don’t even need blanket at night.”

Vision Organic Farm

Written by Kit, previous Purchasing Executive

Mr Ho is someone that I have high respect for. He has been in farming business for over 30 years, out of which more than 10 years in organic farming. With his strong belief that human should live in harmony with nature, he has been traveling around the world to learn and to share organic farming.

I am touched by how Mr Ho’s determination and passion have influenced his family, including his wife, children and son-in-law to go into organic farming.

Mr Ho is now planting a lot of sugar cane for raw sugar, made the traditional way. To ensure optimal quality of the sugar cane, he visited popular sugar cane producing countries like Paraguay and Philippine etc. As soon as he started the cooker to make raw sugar, his whole family will need to be on standby mode to go on 24-hour shift. This is because once the cooker starts it cannot be stopped until the sugar processing is completed. Sometimes he will stay on till early in the morning. I do admire his persistency and commitment.