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Organic and Baby

Babynat has been with us at justlife since 2001. It was the first organic infant formula in Malaysia. Working with our French supplier for over 10 years, we have witnessed Babynat persistant commitment in putting baby’s health and wellbeing as their utmost priority. 


Babybio is likely to be the only organic brand in the market that produces food jars with no added water, sugar, salt or flavouring; to preserve the original taste of food, and to promote healthy taste bud development for babies.


Babybio Organic Cereal series are nutritious and easy for digestion. Specially formulated from quinoa and rice. Quinoa, known as “The Mother Grain” contains complete protein for baby’s growth and development.


Nui organic coconut oil is first cold pressed from fresh organic coconut kernel from Fiji or Vanuatu Islands, well known for their pristine beaches and high quality coconut. Nui is certified Fair Trade. Every purchase of Nui coconut product contributes to the development and welfare of farm community in Fiji and Vanuatu Islands.


GOOD TO KNOW: Milk free after three?

After the age of 3 years, our body is unable to produce sufficient lactase, an enzyme for digestion of sugar in milk (lactose). Therefore, our body is unable to fully digest milk and will lead to indigestion and allergy.


A wide range of children’s favourites with natural sweetness of organic fruits. Not a trace of added sugar.


Vitabio provides delicious breakfast loaded with whole grains such as oat, barley and wheat, providing fibre for healthy digestion as well as vitamin B complex and rich minerals for energy.

TIPS: To find out how much fibre your child needs each day,  just add 5 to their age.
(i.e. 4-year-old + 5 = 9 grams)

Growing children are extremely sensitive to pollutants in food such as pesticides, antibiotic, growth hormone and etc. Their livers and kidneys are immature, therefore are unable to breakdown these complex chemicals and toxins. Nutritionists recognise that dietary habit from early age will affect their lifetime physical and mental development. That is why every child deserves organic, right from infancy!

Check out Babynat differences:

  1. No harmful residues. 100% certified organic. No antibiotics, growth hormone and pesticides.
  2. Precise formulation. Professionally formulated with precious nutrition composition essential for optimum physical and mental growth of children age 1–3 years.
  3. Pioneer brand. Babynat™ from France has over 40 years of experience in organic nutrition.
  4. No added sugar or flavouring. Promote healthy taste buds and dietary habits.
  5. Enriched with probiotics — friendly bacteria that promotes healthier digestion and stronger immune system.
  6. Contain good fats. Omega 3 and 6 from first cold-pressed organic vegetable oils. These Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are vital for children’s brain and nerve development.
  7. For peace of mind. Babynat products are produced with the best interest of your child’s physical and mental health in mind.

Real Food

Artificial food additives can taint children’s taste preferences.

A continuous exposure to food with such additives could lead the children toward behavioral or learning problems at a later stage.

It is important for children to learn to appreciate the flavor of natural food without the use of food additives, artificial sweeteners or flavoring enhancers.

A conscious choice to guide our children toward eating and enjoying food in its natural forms will help them acquire a preference towards healthier food choices that is real, wholesome and naturally delicious.

Real food check:

  1. Organic certification: No pesticides residues, no artificial preservatives or additives, non-GMO.
  2. No added water, sugar, salt, flavouring, colouring, starch or bulking agents in order to maintain the original flavour.
  3. Minimal processing. Preserving complete nutrients. Wholefood is always the best.

Need a Bodyguard?

Falling sick? Stay fit! Cough, flu or fever occur frequently among babies. This is the critical time for their bodies to build stronger immunity. Wholesome food with anti-viral properties that can further enhance their immunity.

NUI is the answer!

Anti-viral and immunity booster: NUI organic virgin coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is a vital component of mother’s milk. It is essential to protect your baby from infections as well as to speed up recovery from flu, fever and allergies such as asthma and eczema.

To serve your newborn baby coconut oil, just rub some on nipples before breastfeeding or simply add a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil to infant formula.

No Milk?

How about protein and calcium? We have for you a range of organic dairy-free milk alternatives high in protein and calcium.

Choose your favourite!

  1. No worries about antibiotic, growth hormone and pesticide residues commonly found in conventional cow’s milk.
  2. Plant base. Healthier alternative for complete protein, calcium and Omega-3 from soy, quinoa, almond, walnut, etc.
  3. Lactose free. Allergy friendly. Unlike animal based protein, our dairy-free beverages are easily digestible; low in calories, zero cholesterol and 100% lactose free.
  4. No ISP. An overly refined protein commonly used in dairy-free products. ISP is known to cause allergy.
  5. Quick and yummy! Specially formulated for quick and easy preparation. Surprisingly delicious!

Too Sweet?

Conventional sugary snacks and drinks are packed with calories and nothing else. Consuming such food may lead our children towards putting on excess pounds. Unhealthy dietary choices play a role in upsetting children’s blood sugar balancing system. This condition, when triggered, induces their craving for food which is high in calories, sugar and salt but low in nutritional value. Sugary foods is also well-known to be the feed for the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

No sugar added. Forget about sweets and junk food.

Make a go for organic juices, jams or snacks with no sugar added. Let your child enjoy the nutrients plus the real taste and sweetness of 100% organic fruits. This is the sweetest gift your child deserves.

Organic Whole Grain Breakfast

Start them early with wholegrain food!

Highly processed grains are void of brans and germs – these are the nutritional powerhouse of vitamin and minerals that are essential for our children’s growth.

Organic Whole Grain Breakfast is naturally dense in nutrients, rich in texture and full of flavour.

Be impressed with the goodness of wholegrain food and savour the range of yummy Organic Wholesome Breakfast selection with your little ones!