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To ladies who care:

Wearing plastic?

You might be surprised to find that the sanitary pads you use may cause you allergy. Up to a third of women experienced vaginal itching, soreness and/or discharge and these are the symptoms of Allergic Feminine Irritation (AFI). But how does it associated with the sanitary products we use?

Many sanitary pads and tampons are not simply made from cotton wool, as you may think, but contain plastic, synthetic fibres and chlorine bleaching residuals. Polyacrylate absorbents used in conventional sanitary pads may cause vaginal dryness, ulceration and increase bacteria growth due to less changing frequency.

A sensible step is to switch to natural and organic materials for your tampons, pads and liners. Natracare tampons and wipes are made from 100% organic cotton, non chlorine bleached and free from rayon, binders, plastics, surfactants, latex and fragrances. Natracare pads and liners do not contain polyacrylate absorbents or plastics which, when contact with the skin, may cause irritation.

Stop wearing plastic and make a shift to Natracare for a real organic comfort. Meanwhile, it is a way you can reduce the impact of plastic waste to the environment.

至  关爱自己的女性:


妳是否知道妳使用的卫生棉,可能会让妳患上阴道过敏?高达叁分之一的女性有私处痕癢、疼痛、分泌物异常等,这些就是阴道过敏症(Allergic Feminine Irritation –AFI)的症状。然而,这跟女性卫生产品又有何相关呢?


最明智的一步,是改用由天然及有机物料所製的卫生棉、卫生棉条及卫生护垫。 Natracare卫生棉条及湿纸巾是由经认證的100% 纯有机棉及天然物料製造,製作过程中绝不以氯漂白,亦不含任何人造纤维、黏结剂、塑胶、表面活性剂、乳胶或香料;Natracare卫生棉及卫生护垫不含聚丙烯酸吸收剂或塑胶,故不会导致肌肤过敏。


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