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Mari Market


Good quality foods and crafts are gently made by hands. They are not meant for mass production nor they are economical. Yet these producers continue to create irreplaceable, authentic goods with uncompromising zeal and faith. There are quite a few such people around us: small scale organic farmers who have been through years of hardship, baker who insists on original kiln-baked bread, chefs that truly appreciate good relationship with their patrons, and hand craft artists who are the absolute perfectionists.

We think it would be really wonderful to gather these folly and strong headed people at one place to share their work with others. Hence, the birth of Mari Market! Take your time to appreciate the foods and crafts that are produced with passion and sincerity, while enjoying the vendors’ ingenuous and folly life experience.

If you proclaim yourself to be like-minded and wish to share your goodies or services at Mari Market, we warmly welcome you to be part of the folly family. We discover that it is cool to be fools. XD!

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如果你自認也有這股傻勁,又想分享好東西或服務,我們歡迎你加入毛驢一族,一起來設攤。當傻瓜也可以很夯,因為我們發現,阿呆才會吃得開。 XD!




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