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Mari Market Vendor Guidelines
Please read the following guidelines before making your application.

Is Mari Market suitable for you?

A. FOOD: We are very careful with food products and the ingredients. We insist on organic and real food ingredients be used. This is to ensure that our customers enjoy only truly healthy and quality food at Mari Market.

1.1 Ingredients used must be organic, meatless, eggless, dairy-free, and free of synthetic additives.
1.2 A complete list of ingredients and their sources must be declared to the organiser prior to the event. In case of any non-compliance concerning the ingredients, the organiser may suggest alternatives.
1.3 Keep it Earth-friendly. Please do NOT use disposable plastic cutlery, Styrofoam and aluminium foil.
1.4 Food packaging shall be reviewed by the organiser prior to the event. Should there be any doubt, the organiser may advise or suggest alternative options.
1.5 Health hazards cookware such as microwave oven, aluminium, non-stick/polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) coated cookware must NOT be used.

B. PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS: Full disclosure of ingredients must be made to the organiser. Please go through the following non-permitted ingredients for self-checking. Following that, our technical team will conduct a full review of your products upon application of participation.

Ingredients criteria:

    • Organic, natural or sustainable wildcrafted ingredients derived from plants or natural minerals.
    • No ingredients derived from GMO.
    • No synthetic preservatives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone etc.
    • No harsh surfactant such as SLS or SLES.
    • No petrochemical derivatives such as mineral oil, silicones, isopropanol, PEG.
    • No synthetic alcohol
    • No artificial fragrances
    • No animal ingredients such as collagen, milk, and egg.

C. NON-FOOD: Designer pieces, handmades (wood, clay, metal, etc.), secondhand items, books/magazines, stationery, antiques, music/movies, photography works, art/paintings, plants, clothing, furniture, hair and beauty services etc.

2.0 Goods that are original, conceptual, unique, with noteworthy background story, or visually appealing.
2.1 We give priority to products with eco elements: environmental-friendly, fair trade, or local made.
2.2 Strictly no imitation products or pirated goods. Offenders will be removed and blacklisted.

D. OTHERS: Workshops, screenings and sharings that has related/relevant subject to the nature of Mari Market.

  • Applicant and vendor has to be the same person and must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • New justlife suppliers (not including homemade products) are welcome to participate for a maximum of TWO consecutive times as an introductory period.


Abbie Hiew:
tel: +603-78808035
mobile: +6012-365 1429

Chew Yoong:
tel: +603-78808035
mobile: +6012-276 3018

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1.1 有机/无动物成份/非乳制品/无蛋/无化学添加。
1.2 摊友必须提供贩售的食品所采用的食材成分及其来源清单,若含未能符合标準的成分,主办单位将尽心建议合适的替代食材。
1.3 本市集提倡环保,一律不使用免洗餐具、保丽龙、 铝箔(aluminium foil) 、塑胶料购物袋等。
1.4 餐飲具及包裝袋等的使用須通過主辦單位認可,若有任何疑問,主辦單位會盡心提供解決方案。
1.5 不使用微波爐、 聚四氟乙烯(Teflon) 、不粘鍋、鋁鍋具(aluminium)等有害健康的烹飪器皿。



    • 成份的萃取来自有机,天然,可持续性生成的野生植物或天然矿物质。
    • 无基因改造成分。
    • 无合成防腐剂如对羟基苯甲酸酯(Paraben),苯氧乙醇(Phenoxyethanol),甲基异(methylisothiazolinone)等
    • 无刺激性的表面活性剂,如SLS或SLES。
    • 无石油化学衍生物如矿物油,矽氧烷(silicon),异丙醇(isopropanol),聚乙二醇(PEG)。
    • 无合成的酒精
    • 不含人工香精
    • 无动物成分,如胶原蛋白,牛奶,鸡蛋等。

非食品:文创商品、手作商品 (木作、陶艺、金工等)、二手商品、书/杂誌 、 文具、 古道具、音乐/影像创作、摄影、美术创作、植栽、髮艺、服饰、家品等。

2.1 创作商品审核标準以原创性、设计概念、创作经历与商品独特性、新品丰富度、摊位陈列美观为主。
2.2 实践友善环境、公平贸易、在地生产、或具备永续设计元素的摊友将获优先考虑。
2.3 禁止仿冒品或触犯版权之商品,违者将纳入黑名单不予录取。

• 摊位申请者和摊友须年满18岁或以上。
• justlife新供应商(不包括自製产品)欢迎参加最多两次连续的毛驴市集作为新产品推介平台。


Abbie Hiewtel: +603-7880 8035,mobile: +6012-365 1429

秋蓉:tel: +603-7880 8035,mobile: +6012-276 3018