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Fund A School with Organic Tea

In year 2008, justlife introduced the annual theme “Heal the Earth. Vote organic.” with the slogan: Every dollar spent is your vote for what you believe in. Aside from championing for wholesome food, lending support to organic farmers and their stewardship for healthy soil keeping, your choices and votes towards a healthier earth is aiding sustainable social and scholastic development in one of our neighbouring country.

In the remote area of North Thailand, near Thailand-Myanmar border, reside the descendants of the “Lost Army” of the Republic of China under the 93rd Army Division after the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Deep in this remote and mountainous region, there is a small rural school – a place where the people’s history, learning and language (Chinese) are passed down and taught.

The name of the school is Jian Qun. Currently, the school has more than 120 students with 9 teachers and a headmaster.

Most of the students are from hill tribe families, whose survival and livelihood depend on traditional farming using slash-and-burn method. The families’ incomes are little. Their daily wages could hardly sustain a family let alone have enough left to set aside for school fees. The kind-hearted school headmasters of the present days and yesteryears have never rejected any children whose families couldn’t afford the fees.

Until today, the school still sustains on donations.

Unfortunately, the recent economic downturn in Thailand has affected the amount of donations received. The school has at one time ceased operation due to insufficient funding to pay the teachers.

Jian Qun secondary school is facing the challenge of sustaining itself as the number of students increase rapidly every year, with more than half unable to pay any school fees.


Students from Jian Qun are mostly hill tribe children from remote villages.


Press coverage on the school and fund raising initiatives.


Our dear friends from International Association of Human Values Thailand (IAHV Thailand) who have been made aware these situations came up with a project that provides the school and its pupils a, sustainable solution.

Together, IAHV and justlife launched two products under the brand “Earthist”. The first product is the wild-crafted Bitter Melon Tea and the second, premium Organic Green Tea, both harvested from the remote forests of these mountains. For every tin of Earthist brand tea sold, 10 baht will be donated to the school. This will ensure that the school continues to receive regular funding on a long term basis. Furthermore, Earthist products have created new job opportunities for the villagers.

IAHV has been unceasing advocating organic farming among the many farmers in Thailand. Within this mountainous areas, IAHV thrives to educate and encourage the villages to switch from their slash and burn farming method to a gentler and friendlier art of natural farming – a move that would redirect the village community and its generations to guard and conserve these priceless forests for the ecological and economical values on the long run. IAHV provides assistance to farmers who are working towards converting from conventional farming to organic farming. They too help farmers to establish their marketing channels for their organic products.

When we make a choice to purchase an Earthist product, we are voting for a sustainable education for others and dedicating towards the preservation of the good earth and the forest.

Isn’t this something worth voting for?


Launching of Earthist wild crafted bitter melon tea at KLCC Convention Centre, Popular Book Fest 2012.