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Buy Local

Food that is available locally is always fresher, tastier and more nutritious as it is harvested at its maturity and requires less handling terms for packaging and travelling.

Choosing to eat local allows us to reestablish a connection with the farming seasons of our homeland and the sustainable food wisdom of our ancestors. While we utilize local and seasonal produce, we are protecting the local indigenous food culture which, indirectly, helps us as well as our local farmers, to carry on the practice and preservation of the gentle art of food cultivation, preparation and care.

It is our goodwill to introduce a breed of farmers cum artisans who make simple healthy, flavourful wholefood such as honey, herbal teas, vinegar and jams – all create locally, using produce from the farmers’ crops in their organic and natural farms. The production for these artisanal products is small in volume however they are excellent in quality and their flavor, exquisite.

We wish to thank you for buying organic fresh fruits, vegetables and other food products from local organic farmers. Your support in purchasing our homegrown artisanal products is a sure sign of encouragement for the farming artisans to pursue the natural extension food diversity – making old fashioned food the old fashion way with real and truthful ingredients from the farmers’ backyard. With love and gratitude, we look forward to your patronage at justlife and your support for our homegrown artisanal products that embodies sustainability, fine quality and great taste.


kampung-harvestKampung Harvest REAL WILDFLOWER HONEY is cultivated in the rainforest where wildflowers bloom seasonally with bees free foraging the safe, clean and pristine environment, garnering nectar and rendering nutritionally rich healing honey filled naturally with of natural enzymes, pollens, vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants and amino acids.

Kampung Harvest ALKALINE HERBAL TEA is made of selected blend of herbs based on a cultural heritage of natural and holistic healing therapy. Carefully cultivated in clean and nourishing soil, the herbs are delicately selected and meticulously hand processed by traditional artisan, ensuring a continuous enrichment and harmony for both the land and community.

Kampung Harvest ORGANIC LIFE FLOWING VINEGAR is a natural elixir which has been fermented with infusions of indigenous tubers. The natural raw vinegar has been matured with no sulphur added, thereby intensifying therapeutic properties and heightening its flavor which enhances food and well-being.

Fruit jams and dried herbs are among the products by GK Organic farm.