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Bring Home Happiness



Celebrate Chinese New Year with ‘Bring Home Happiness’ hamper.

Take a break from the old-fashioned Chinese New Year hamper. This eye-catching “Bring Home Happiness” hamper will fill your home with warmth and love. It holds a collection of carefully selected, premium quality organic products for your family to enjoy. Moreover, each product comes with a truly heartwarming story.

The Earthist bitter melon tea, wild harvested by the tribes in northern Thailand is great for purifying the liver and relieving heatiness in our body, which is prevalent from the endless rounds of food and toasts to celebrate the festival. At the same time, part of the sale proceed of this tea provides funding to a Chinese school for the tribal children in the rural area of northern Thailand. Double happiness indeed!  [more about the school]

Earthist Bario rice is a one-of-its-kind heirloom rice that has been traditionally cultivated and passed down from generations to generations in this well-preserved land called Bario in Sarawak. However, due to commercialisation through the introduction of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, this heritage is currently under the threat of extinction. The use of chemicals will bring destructions to the heirloom seeds as well as the rich soil that has been carefully preserved by the locals using traditional farming methods for centuries. Supporting Earthist Bario rice is a way of preserving this precious heritage for many generations to come, as we celebrate Chinese New Year as an acknowledgement of our Chinese heritage.

With this, let’s extend our happiness and prosperity to the tribal children and the farmers through providing continuous education opportunities and supporting of traditional farming.

好茶 好米,回家礼!


值得一提的是,《回家礼》福袋内,装满了让我们感动的故事:其中的《地球粮民》泰北野山苦瓜茶,不单是风味独特的好茶;更有卓越的清肝降火功能。春节期间往往油腻食物过量、加上烟酒及熬夜,极易伤肝,此时送上这清肝好茶,正合时宜。最难得的是,《地球粮民》发起的「品茶挺华教」运动,让你在购买有机好茶的同时,就等于捐助了泰北僻乡山区的贫困华校,让支援当地原住民的华教工作,得以延续下去… [更多关于品茶挺华教]

除此之外,福袋里的《地球粮民》纯正巴里奥 (Bario) 好米,也有着不为人知的故事:这世代相传、独一无二的砂劳越原始好米,由于近年来过度商业化的趋势,一片片原本实施祖传自然农法的稻田,已面临被农药化肥取代的命运,数百年培育下来的沃土,亦将无法传承下去。支持栽种纯正品种的有机巴里奥米小农,不但能保住在地好米品种,同时也让巴里奥这片珍贵的净土,免受化学农药荼炭。



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