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Organic Veggie Burger Patty

Enjoy burger that does not cost the Earth.

I loved fast food! But when I learned that the price I had to pay for it in the future, in terms of my health as well as the health of our Earth, I quit eating fast food. After giving up meat for environmental cause, I still miss burger. I got excited every time I discovered Veggie Burger on restaurant menu. But I have yet to come across a nice tasting Veggie Burger and without suspicious ingredients.

One day, I had an idea! Why not try to make burger on my own. Surprisingly, it was a success at my first try! Even my husband (who dislikes burgers) was impressed. Now you too can enjoy a guilt-free burger that does not burden your body or the Earth.


80 g soy chunk, the bites
1 pkt shiitake mushroom, Gunung Jerai
3 tsp brown sesame seeds (toasted), the bites
4 tbsp arrow root powder, the bites
100 g wholemeat flour, the bites

Seasonings (adjust to your own taste):

3 tbsp liquid amino, the Braggs
2 tbsp peppery pizza & pasta spice blend, Sonnentor
2 tsp 12-herbs salt, Sonnentor
2 tsp nutritional yeast, the bites
3 tsp lecithin granules, the bites
1 tsp black pepper powder, Sonnentor


  1. Soak soy chunk in enough water to cover the soy chunk for about 5 minutes, or until soften.
  2. Squeeze out the water from the soy chunk. Keep the water for use later.
  3. Separate the head and stem of shiitake mushroom. Chop the mushroom heads into small pieces. Flatten the mushroom stem with knife. Mix the mushroom pieces and flatten stems together and marinate with liquid amino.
  4. Combine soy chunk and mushroom with the rest of the seasonings, toasted brown sesame seeds, arrow root powder and wholemeal flour. Mix with some soy chunk water (kept earlier) to form a paste.
  5. Shape it into round patties of about 7 cm in diameter.
  6. Bake it at 180ºC for 10 minutes or pan fry until cook.

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