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Organic Nacho Salad

with Kidney Bean and Soy Cottage Cheese

No milk, no butter, no cheese…

Spare the cow’s milk for the cattle. If all you want is the milky, cheesy taste, there are always some healthier and greener alternatives, which you don’t have to compromise for the taste and nutrient.

Serves 1


Cashew Ricotta (Raw Sour Cream)
1½ cup Soaked cashew nuts
½ tsp Salt
2 tbsp Lemon juice
¾ cup Water

Soy Cottage Cheese
900ml Sugar free soy milk
1 tsp Yoghurt starter

Nacho Salad
1 cup Nacho chips
1 tbsp Kidney beans
10gm Alfalfa sprout
2 tbsp Tomato cubes
4 leaves Lettuce



Cashew Ricotta
1. Soak the cashew nuts for 8 hours or overnight and drain the water.
2. Place all remaining ingredients in a blender with the cashew nuts.
3. Blend until smooth and the raw sour cream is ready to be used.

Soy Cottage Cheese
1. Heat the soy milk to 40˚C and transfer to a container with cover.
2. Add in yoghurt starter and mix well.
3. Cover and keep at room temperature till the next day.
4. Pour the soy yogurt onto a clean cloth bag and hang it for 2–3 hours at room temperature.
5. For more aroma, you can add fresh herbs to the soy cottage cheese when it is ready.

Nacho Salad
1. Soak kidney beans overnight.
2. Strain the beans and cook with water until soft.
3. Arrange a bed of lettuce, alfalfa sprout and tomato cubes on a plate. Top with Nacho chips and kidney beans.
4. Finish with soy cottage cheese, cashew ricotta and tomato salsa (optional).


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