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Ladybird Cheese Crackers

20 pieces serving


1 pkt Cream crackers, OriGene Bakery
1 cup Nutritional yeast cheese spread
10 nos Cherry tomatoes
5 nos Black grapes (small)
3 tbsp Melted dark chocolate
A few stalk of chive or any similar green leaves available.

Nutritional yeast cheese spread
60ml Soy milk, NaturGreen Soja Calcium
1½ tbsp Apple cider vinegar, Why Not?
1 tbsp Nutritional yeast, The Bites
½ tsp Sea salt, The Bites
180ml Cooking oil, Why Not?



1. Using a blender, mix the soy milk, sea salt and nutritional yeast.
2. Remove the center plug from top of blender. While blending on high speed, slowly pour the cooking oil into the mixture. A thick cream will form.
You can chill it in a fridge for a few hours for a firm texture.
To melt the chocolate for decoration: Fill the bottom half of a double boiler with water. Bring the water to simmer. Place one piece of dark chocolate in the bowl and place over the simmering water. Be careful that the water doesn’t splash into the chocolate.

Step by step to make Ladybird Cheese Crackers:

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