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Full-house Hot Pot


Colourful Vegetables, bean curd and mushroom
3 big bowls Fresh leafy & florets vegetables
1 bowl Carrot, pumpkin, celery root & burdock root
2 pieces Corn cob
1 bowl French bean, asparagus bean
2 big bowls Shiitake & abalone mushroom
1 bowl Touken
2 blocks Tofu


Soup (2 choices)

(i) Tom Yam Soup
4 packet Tom yam mixed spices, The Bites, artisan
1 piece Turnip or celery root, sliced

(ii) Clear Bean Soup
250g Peanut (pre-soaked 2 hours)
250g Soya or garbanzo bean (pre-soak 6 hours)
Hot and Sour Chili Sauce
150g Chili, seeded, cut
50g Young ginger, cut
50g Cherry tomato, cut or tomato puree
4 pieces Lime (with yellow rind), seeded, cut
1 tsp Sea salt, The Bites
2 tsp Sesame oil, Why Not?



1. Hot and Sour Chili Sauce: Put the ingredients into a blender, blend to smooth puree. Heat up a pan, cook the puree at low heat to boil, season and dish up. This sauce is perfect with hot pots as it brings you the “hottest sensation”.

2. Soup

(i) Tom Yam Hot Soup– In a soup pot, boil the tom yam spice (presoak with hot water for best result) and turnip or celery root with 2.5 liters of water and simmer for half an hour. Sieve and season with salt.

(ii) Clear Bean Soup– In a soup pot, boil the beans and simmer for an hour. Sieve and season with salt.

3. Cut all the ingredients. Using a bio-Clay Multipurpose Pot, cook the soup to boil. Put in the carrot and other root vegetables, cook until tender. Gradually, add in other ingredients. Season with some sesame oil. Enjoy the warmest moment of your family reunion.

Tips: Whole lime, deseeded, is added in making the hot and sour chili sauce. Bear in mind that the lime should be ripe and the skin has turned to golden yellow colour as it is not bitter and more appealing.

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